Sunday, 20 October 2013

Woolworths Kingsgrove - new store

The Woolworths store at Kingsgrove in Sydney's South opened last Thursday, 17 October 1013.

It's a brand new store and one of which Woolworths seems to be very proud. So I thought I'd check it out. 

While it has its good points, it seems there are a few bugs that need to be ironed out, particularly in staff training. 

Let's start with the good points. 

The aisles are fairly wide and short. It is well lit. The fridges have doors on them to keep products fresher (see pic 3 above). The butchery looks good.

Now, the not so good points.

Staff didn't seem to mind blocking aisles with trolleys. The staff member who put the trolly in the middle of the walkway in picture 2 saw me approaching, but did nothing to move the trolley. He left it there for the duration of my visit - approx 15 minutes. 

Staff also didn't mind walking in front of customers. In my opinion, a customer ALWAYS has the right of way.

Staff didn't pay customers much attention. I was virtually ignored the entire time I was there, whether it was by staff behind serving counters or ones stocking shelves. A polite recognition of the customer goes a long way towards good customer service.

The much heralded stock was a bit disappointing. For example, they boasted a pizza bar. It turned out to be nothing more than the usual Woollies pizzas. 

It appeared they had TOO MUCH space. Some aisles were doubled up with stock, and there was a fridge with lots of nearly out of date flavoured milk. 

The worsts thing for me was at the checkout. I used the self service. A product that was on the shelves as being on special scanned at the full price. I complained to the staff member who said I had to scan my 'loyalty card' (she should have called it the 'Everyday Rewards Card'). I pointed out to her that the item was on general sale, not just for those with a card. She found it difficult to believe and I showed her the shelf sign, which supported my point. There was no apology, no acknowledgement of error, nothing. I chose not to purchase the item, although by rights, under supermarket practice (but not law) they are obliged to give me the item for free.

In conclusion, I was hoping for something a little bit special with the new store, but I was left disappointed.